Clients: Want Sechler CPA to Prepare Your 1099s?

Sechler CPA Clients: Would you like Sechler CPA to prepare your 1099s? Email us to let us know by December 31!

As you may be aware, your organization is required to issue a form 1099 to each unincorporated individual or business who provided a service to your organization and was paid $600 or more. In addition payments to attorneys of $600+ require a 1099 whether or not they are incorporated.

The 2016 forms 1099 are due January 31 this year (versus February 28 in the past), therefore the timeline has shrunken. Penalties for late filing have also increased substantially and are charged per late form.

Preparing Your Own 1099s

If you wish to prepare your own 1099s we recommend It is easy to use and prices are modest. You can e-file from this tool as well.

Having Sechler CPA Prepare Your 1099s

If you are a CURRENT SECHLER CPA  CLIENT and  prefer to engage us to assist you, you must inform us by December 31, 2016. The following is the strict protocol for this 2016 1099 filing season due by January 31, 2017.

Options, Pricing & Timing

For those who have preparation of 1099s included in your Sechler CPA agreement**:

A) COMPLETE* data must be received by January 10, draft will be provided by January 20 and approval is needed by January 24 to timely file by January 31. We will accept agreement as payment in full for this service.

B) If COMPLETE data is instead provided by February 10, there will be a $100 extension fee.

(**Sechler CPA agreement means our annual or biennial proposal which is currently in force, timely paid and includes a line which reads “1099 processing, if required” or similar language.)

If no current Sechler CPA agreement or no terms for providing 1099s in our agreement:

C) $250 if COMPLETE* data is received by January 10 including prepayment for project to commence. This drops to $150 if 3 or fewer forms are needed. Draft provided by January 20, final approval needed by January 24 to timely file with IRS by January 31. If data is not COMPLETE and extension is required, remaining data and $100 is due by February 10.

D) $350 if extended, COMPLETE data must be received by February 10, including prepayment. Draft will be provided by February 20, approval needed by February 24 to e-file by February 28.

Please note: No data will be accepted after February 10 for 1099 processing.

We do not provide a mailing service, just creation of 1099s and timely submission to IRS based on information you provide.

Submitting Data & Payment

When ready, follow these steps:

1) Email Kristina by December 31 to inform her that you would like Sechler CPA to prepare your 1099s.

2) Select the applicable option above and, if B), C) or D), provide the appropriate fee through PayPal here. Work will commence only when complete data is received and payment, if required, has been received.

3) If you have QuickBooks Online, please ensure that all data is COMPLETE. COMPLETE data = all names, addresses, city/state/zip, EIN/SSN, $ amount that is in QuickBooks Online are up to date by the deadline indicated above.

If you do not use QuickBooks Online, you must submit your COMPLETE data. Please add your data to this Excel spreadsheet and contact Michelle for a link to a secure location to upload this spreadsheet. DO NOT email your data to us as it contains sensitive information.

Thank you for the privilege of serving your professional accounting needs, if you have any questions on this process, please direct them to Kristina.

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