Candid Shares Key Nonprofit Data for 2021

Candid, the information services organization formed by the merger of GuideStar and Foundation Center, has released its annual snapshot of the nonprofit sector. Among other things, Key Facts on U.S. Nonprofits and Foundations, 2021 reports that individuals still provide the majority (69%) of giving.

Community and private foundation giving accounts for a modest (17%), but growing, slice of overall giving in the United States. Nearly 128,000 foundations with $1.2 trillion in assets have donated $90 billion since 2016. Most foundation funding goes to education (26%) and health (23%) causes.

The report also examines public charities, the most common type of nonprofit (72%). More than three-quarters of these organizations have budgets under $100,000, and 53% depend on contributions for the majority of their revenue. About a third get most of their funding from program services.

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