Nonprofit Salaries Jumped in 2022

In the shadow of a tight labor market and the so-called Great Resignation, nonprofit organizations reported overall average salary increases of almost 6% for all staff in 2022, with projections for increases of more than 5% for 2023. That’s just one of the tidbits in The NonProfit Times’ nearly 600-page “2023 Nonprofit Organizations Salary and Benefits Report.”

According to The NonProfit Times, executives enjoyed an average increase of 5.72%. The average base salary for a chief executive officer/president/executive director was $150,471 in 2022. The median salary was $125,000 and the maximum was $859,455.

The survey also found the pandemic has significantly affected benefits such as flexible work arrangements and hybrid workplaces. Fifty-eight percent of respondents offer flextime, and 56% offer a hybrid workplace. Subsidized training and professional development (46.6%), remote worksites (42.5%) and employee assistance plans (40.6%) also are popular.