New Year, New Name & Baton Passing

We are excited to announce that Sechler CPA is now Sechler Morgan CPAs, PLLC!

Other than a name change, most everything else remains the same. Kristina will now be answering more phone calls and emails as she transitions to the primary point of contact for clients, while Carolyn moves into more of a consulting, formation and advisory role for the firm. Our firm’s focus on services for nonprofit organizations is unchanged. Our name will now be:

Sechler Morgan CPAs PLLC

Wait a minute, you say, who is this Kristina person?! Kristina Morgan, CPA is kind of like Carolyn’s clone or “younger sister from another mother”. Like Carolyn, she has been dedicated to serving the nonprofit community for many years (almost 10 years in her case) and has been our Tax Manager and second banana for the past two years. Many, on meeting Kristina, ask if she is Carolyn’s sister. Actually, you will find she has the same calm caring demeanor and superior intelligence (wink) as Carolyn.

We will invite clients to a ZOOM video conference this winter to introduce Kristina Morgan, incoming queso grande, as well as provide an update on the new tax laws (oh boy, right?).

Our team of 28 remote workers are proud to deliver ongoing support and educational programs for nearly 600 organizations as we enter our 33rd year!

Woo hoo!

Kristina and Carolyn