Government Shutdown Means 990 Filing Delays

IMPORTANT: This currently impacts only those with 12/31 and 01/31 fiscal year ends.

Government shutdowns are never helpful, more so when it occurs at the end of the year because of how it impacts the IRS and those whose fiscal year end is December 31st. As of right now, many types of individual and business annual returns have not been approved for use by the IRS.

As of today (February 15, 2019), the IRS has yet to approve the 990 series forms for filing for the 2018 tax year. This delay is most likely related to the shutdown as well as reduced staff within the Tax Exempt department, but regardless of the reason, we are still delayed due to this situation outside our control.

How does this impact you?

This currently impacts only those with 12/31 and 01/31 fiscal year ends.

What this means for us is that we are not even able to draft the return for you at this time. Currently, there is no known ETA for the approval of the forms, nor are there any details if it will impact the due date. We are checking multiple times a day and will keep you informed of any critical changes.

If you have sent in, or soon will send in, your tax organizer and other tax data, we will add you to the queue and will work on your project up to the point of drafting the return. We will resume completion of the return as soon as we are able to access the forms and deliver drafts as soon as possible after this date.


You can always reach out to us at 602.230.2700.