Our Statement on Current Affairs

The entire staff at Sechler Morgan has been touched by the seemingly overwhelming events 2020 has given us. As individuals, there are some things about which we can do little and must passively accept. But there are other issues where we can do much and must aggressively confront.

It is not new to us, hearing stories of horror and triumph, conflict and solidarity, struggle and progress. The nonprofit organizations that make up our client base have been facing trials such as these head on for years. We have always been proud to serve them. They inspire us every day.

This firm chose to focus and specialize on nonprofits for one singular reason: We have confidence that the good in the world is greater than the evil. We want to be a part of making a difference for good, using our skills in the accounting field to support and strengthen the efforts of our amazing clients.

It has been suggested we make a statement about these times. So, we feel it only proper to repeat the same message this firm has consistently stated and stood for since its inception 30 years ago:

Justice, compassion, equality, hope, respect, dignity, and love. Everyone deserves it. Everyone.

We know there is a greater need of these virtues for those who have been marginalized, attacked, and degraded. Any system or action that denies this should be ended. Every action and effort that is in our power will be taken to insure these virtues are sustained & supported.

Have hope. Be safe. Thank you for listening.

Kristina Morgan, CPA