Thank you.

Without a doubt, this past year has brought challenges which have left no one untouched, including my team here at Sechler Morgan as well as my friends and family. But despite all efforts to the contrary, the year 2020 has revealed what is good and noble in people. Each member of our team has watched our nonprofit clients produce results that would be difficult in a normal year. Literally, tens of thousands of people in so many areas have been helped by these organizations. We are inspired by the relentless efforts that would not have occurred without our incredible clients.

This year, there are more people in need. Thus, there have been less who are able to give. Restrictions to fundraising efforts resulted in more creative solutions. The functions we all took for granted now require untested methods to deliver the support so many people count upon. Staff and volunteers are stretched thin, many of them also under immense pressure from their personal lives. Even so, we’ve seen example after example of heart-wrenching effort and truly effective results in a time when many are unsure where to turn.

I cannot say enough about the team I have the privilege to work with here at Sechler Morgan, but one of their greatest traits is their ability to recognize how important our clients are and how valuable the work is that they do. So often, we see dignity, compassion, and humanity in your choices and actions, and comment often on how remarkable you all are – As always, we are inspired by you.

Being so proud of all my clients, I never play favorites. But this year I must highlight our admiration for those in the medical profession, educators, and first responders, as well as those working to keep food on tables, clothes on backs, and people in homes. Literally putting their lives on the line, every day, despite lacking complete support. Thank you for your dedication, your bravery, and your stamina, for without you, this year would have been a true disaster.

Inspiration is our hope for 2021. Even in our tragedies, we can always apply meaning and transform it into a beacon of inspiration. We are all in this together. On behalf of the entire Sechler Morgan team, I look forward to working with you into the new year as you continue to change the world, one life and one day at a time. Thank you for allowing us to support you!


Kristina Morgan, CPA
Sechler Morgan CPAs, PLLC

(Picture from Arizona Housing Coalition)