Benefit Statement

Sechler Morgan CPAs PLLC provides extensive benefit to the community of nonprofits in the state of Arizona with the purpose of equipping them to effectively deliver on their missions. Our benefit to the general public is in assisting these valuable nonprofit entities successfully deliver their substantial benefits to the communities they serve.

Our specific services for organizations advancing nonprofit missions, and the benefit from our services, includes:

  • Accounting systems and finance education for nonprofits leading to better management and protection of funds.
  • Tax and accounting services for nonprofits resulting in better compliance and decision-making tools for leadership.
  • Community-of-practice support for nonprofit accounting, finance and leadership professionals resulting in a better flow of ideas and skill development.

Combined, these benefits create a positive impact on society by supporting the front-line professionals delivering missions that include:

  • Promoting economic opportunity for individuals and communities
  • Protecting and restoring the environment.
  • Improving human health and wellbeing including underserved and veterans populations.
  • Improving animal health and wellbeing.
  • Promoting the arts, sciences or advancement of knowledge.

Additionally, Sechler Morgan CPAs PLLC provides significant benefit focused on the needs of our client base by providing:

  • Board Service
  • Substantial pro bono services
  • Two matching grant cycles annually
  • Volunteer hours at client events
  • Articles and interviews for nonprofit-focused publications and radio shows
  • Extensive educational programs to develop skills and expertise in nonprofit accounting professionals

Sechler Morgan CPAs PLLC is an integral part of the success of and wellbeing of thousands who benefit directly from the missions of the nonprofits we serve.